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The missing detective

Editorial: Anaya Infantil y Juvenil

Autor: Blanco Laserna, David
Colección: Código Ciencia - Digital
Nº Páginas: 160
ISBN: 978-84-678-6186-0
Código comercial: 1550310

A fifteen year old young man regains consciousness in an alley in London, in 1873. He's got a gash on his forehead and can't remember anything about his past. With a blank mind, he will have to solve an insoluble problem: an assassin has threatened to kill multimillionaire Gideon K. Crispin. Crispin locks up himself in the safest room in his house, with a policeman guarding the door. In spite of all precautions, someone will manage to enter without being seen, shoot at him and disappear. Also, in this book you will find: - A short biography of Marie Curie. - The hidden forces of the atoms. - A demonstration of how senses can confuse us.

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